Thermoplastic is a versatile product

When there are specific functional requirements, or when the application environment is tough, surface treatment with thermoplastic is your best option.

For surfaces with a function

Corrosion protection, electrical insulation and chemical resistance are three of the areas in which thermoplastic is most widely used. But the method also has a number of other properties. Based on your needs and the challenges you face, we at Korroterm can develop the best solution for you. As we use many different kinds of polymers, we can choose the surface treatment that creates the best specific properties.

Fördelar med termoplast

Discover the benefits!

Products and installations made of metal are designed to last and to remain functional for a long time. But there are many factors that affect both life span and functionality. Surface-treating metal with thermoplastics offers many benefits and is an unbeatable alternative in environments where surfaces are exposed to wear and severe external effects. It is also a cost-effective choice in connection with functional requirements such as corrosion protection, electrical insulation, UV resistance and chemical resistance. Thermoplastic can cope with environments and requirements that other alternatives, e.g. powder-coating, cannot. The plastic can be built in several layers and finished in an extensive range of colours.

Termoplastade detaljer i svart

Economical and environment-friendly

Thermoplastic reduces the environmental impact, partly because the method is free of solvents and epoxy. The protection offered by thermoplastic also allows you to choose other metals that are more economical and less energy-intensive than, for example, aluminium. Surface treatment with thermoplastic is an investment that pays in the long run. With features including UV resistance and durability, there is no need to repaint metal surfaces. Thermoplastic gives you functional, durable and environment-friendly surfaces. You create added value and sustainability in your investments, as well as a better experience for the end user. Thermoplastic is a future-proof choice!

Expertise and craftsmanship

Korroterm has been working with thermoplastic for more than 50 years. We are a full-service provider that can help you with everything from concept and planning through surface treatment to subsequent assembly.

Röd termoplast som sprejas

The process

We can coat anything, wholly or partially, from a tiny spring to a really large part. Our projects always consider the customer’s unique situation when we choose the production method and polymer/thermoplastic. We add colour according to the RAL scale, and can also offer powder-coating if this method offers adequate protection.

Korroterms arbetsätt

Work method

Korroterm is the oldest, technologically most advanced company in the field of surface treatment with polymers and thermoplastics. We have broad-based, leading competence in our field, and have a flexible, knowledgeable organisation that can adapt to meet the customer’s needs and create the lowest possible total cost. With our customer-oriented work method, we always strive to build long-term customer relationships.

ISO 9001 Korroterm

High production capacity

Our specially adapted premises covering approx. 3,000 sq.m. give us high capacity. We have equipment for, among other things, preliminary treatment with degreasing, blasting, priming and coating, and we use various techniques such as induction heating, resistance heating, IR oven and a number of convection ovens. We can also use our pyrolysis oven to burn off paint residues, etc.

We choose the right plastic for you

Are you curious about how thermoplastic works and what benefits it can bring? Why not let us tell you? Or even better, come and visit us at our production premises in Linghem, near Linköping!

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